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as well, but first let's check in with alyssa corfont. cold. >> it certainly is. here's a look at where the temperatures sit, 22 in raleigh, 22 in durham, pinehurst actually already in the teens. now, there's enough of a breeze out there to make an impact for some of you. look at the wind chills. it feels like 14 in durham. so bundle up. remember the gloves, hats, you're going to need it all as you head for the door this morning. temperatures will be right around 21 degrees at 8 a.m. we're going to see plenty of sunshine today, 36 our temperature at noon. 40 our afternoon high. now, it won't afternoon. our normal high we're
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tracking the chance for some rain and snow as we head towards friday afternoon. more in just a little bit. let's switch gears and check in with traffic on this thursday morning. here's i-440, just a car or two out in this direction. so if you are heading out and about, just buckle up. let's check in with your live drive conditions, all in the green around raleigh. i do want to point out some slow and go on 64 westbound at about 23 miles per hour. we'll keep an eye on this. right now though i'm going to send it back to mike. >> thanks. continuing coverage this morning as you wake up to these cold temperatures it is below freezing in many places in central north carolina. emma wright is checking out the roads. >> reporter: we're out here
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like they put some brine down on the roads. we are on 70 right now. it's looking good. we're not seeing any ice. there's no need to be alarmed if you're out driving around this morning but we did see some lines of brine out there. it looks like they did pretreat these roads because it is so cold and we may get a little rain a little later in the week. also area shelters waving their white flag and opening their doors. last night they launched operation rescue again. this means the shelter is open to anyone who needs a warm place to go. they'll feed you and give you some warm clothes so no one is out in the cold. people get some warm clothes and soup. as for these roads we're seeing there's definitely some brine on them but we're not seeing any icy conditions just yet. >> all right.
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right now a state trooper and another driver recovering after a crash on i-40 in durham county. crews shut down the westbound lanes to clean the scene up. the trooper stopped to help two drivers that were in a separate crash and attracter trailer clipped another car and that car lost control and hit the troopers car. the driver taken to the hospital -- the drivers taken to the hospital expected to be okay. later this month and next month community police chief and town worker expected in court, will yam murray face cyber stalking charges. we're learning more information about the wake county sheriffs deputy who was ambushed and assaulted as well. the deputy was off duty at a children's birthday party at the
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suspected lured him outside and three others came from behind from some parked cars. the sheriff tells us he was targeted because he was in law enforcement. the four suspects appeared inside the courtroom. >> he had some injuries of course to his face, back, kidneys, ribs, he's in pretty bad shape, but, you know, he's a tough guy. >> the sheriff did not identify the deputy. the four suspects now charged with assault. happening right now families and a sheriffs office in mourning after the death of two deputies in maryland. the pair responded to a disturbance call. they say the suspect opened fire hitting both deputies, additional officers showed up and shot and killed the suspect who had outstanding arrest warrants. both deputies were long-standing law enforcement officers.
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going after the city of ferguson. a lawsuit says they failed to accept an agreement that will improve how police and the justice system treat minorities and the poor. u.s. attorney general says there are no excuses. >> they were well aware that by choosing not to accept it they were choosing litigation. this this is their choice. >> the shooting sparked violent protests that lasted for weeks. >> well, lynch is heading to fayetteville. the first stop takes place today and tomorrow in miami florida. we're waiting to learn the exact details of her trip here. a gofundme page is getting lots of donations. more than
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family of a second great teacher who was hit by a day care bus. the 25-year old is wheelchair bound and his wife is expecting a baby in june. investigators have not filed any charges against the bus driverment we have a link to the page, just go to our website. it's time now 4:36. still to come two college campuses in the triangle honored the memory of three students shot and killed in chapel hill one year ago. plus as manning was clinching his second super bowl win one of his brothers watched with a blank stare. >> that has to be one of my favorite parts. let's talk temperatures this
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goldsboro, be more on how welcome back. in the weather center with meteorologist alyssa corfont. when i walked out the door that's a wake up call. >> you know when i break out the jacket and scarf in the morning, yeah, it was cold. and you'll need to as well as you're heading out the door this morning. here's your drive time forecast, sun doesn't rise until 7:07 this morning. right now we're at 23. still well below freezing at 9:00 with a temperature expected to be in the upper 20s, close to 27 degrees. so let's go ahead and get to your forecast for today. here's what's going on on our radar, not a lot. pretty clear skies in all of central north carolina. towards the mountains maybe a few clouds from time to time and that's what we'll see today, a cloud or two.
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sunshine as we head throughout our thursday. so as far as your temperatures concerned 23 in louisburg and raleigh, 27 in clayton, pinehurst right now in the upper teens. you can see the temperatures drop once we factor in the wind chill. still wind chill at about 10 degrees in syler city. so layers encouraged as you're heading out the door this morning. so 40 our afternoon high today compared to the normal of 54, tomorrow even colder. we are looking at a good chance for some rain, maybe even some snow mixing in the afternoon and then as we head towards our saturday 34 degrees. the weekend though gets colder. i'll let you know when the coldest air rushes in coming up. mike. >> all right time to go to the movies or something. a woman getting a rare artifact back into her hands two weeks after having to give it
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pretty interesting story. tree trimmers counted this cannonball in her front yard. it weighed more than 30 pounds . the piece of history was taken by marines and bomb experts, once they did they delivered that back to the woman. >> i think it's really cool. first of all, to be able to see it makes it a reality that it really was on my property since i wasn't here to find it and then the fact that i mean, history comes alive. >> she now says she will work to restore the cannonball and looking into allowing a museum to show case it. forensics took center stage
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and later a look at a welcome back. here's our top stories, durham school board members will meet today to discussion revision of the student code of conduct after a principal order add group of female students to remove cultural head dress. cdc director will testify on capitol hill about the threat of the zika virus, he's also address the president's request for $1.8 billion in emergency funding. work is already underway on a vaccine. senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton will face off tonight for their second one on one debate.
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sander's victory in the new hampshire primary. north korea has executed its arm official chief of staff. he was executed for crops and other charges. he was chief of the people's arm and general staff. if true it would be the latest in a series of killings. murder trial in raleigh continues today as the prosecution winds down its case in the jones murder trial. crime scene teches unsealed evidence packets including fingerprints gathered at the scene. several specialists also testified including the supervisor who shot video of the crime scene. >> this is one of the first things that we do is almost -- you got your still photos and it paints a certain picture but a video it pans out and so you can see basically the whole scene at one time. >> some of the video as you can imagine was very disturbing to jones's family. there were
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bedroom of her apartment. that prompted a very emotional response. a fayetteville man will head to court after being accused of sexually assaulting a woman not once but twice. the 23-year old is charged with rape, kidnaping and intimidating a witness. police say the victim knew williams. families and friends honored the legacy of three prominent muslim students one year after their murders. yesterday marked the day that they were shot and killed inside their chapel hill apartment. the suspect is behind bars right now. officers say the shooting stemmed from a parking dispute but the families call it a hate crime. last night hundred dollars of people came together to honor winners. during a vigil people joined in prayer and reflection as well. relatives spoke by the
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said that the shootings last year were about more than just a dispute over parking. >> that? a sense, you know, was demeaning almost to our family in a sense that these three people could be involved in a dispute. if this was over a parking dispute then the struggle was over a continuing dispute over a bus seat. that was similar memorial and moment of silence on unc's campus. hundreds of people showed up there to support the message. well, the accused gunman craig hicks facing first degree murder charges right now. prosecutors say they have dna evidence linking him to the shootings and they will seek the death penalty. the fbi also investigated the shootings and have finished their
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their findings onto the u.s. attorney's office who will decide if this will be classified as a hate crime. we talked to the chapel hill police chief about what they've learned after the shootings. >> investigations take time. even preliminary investigations take time, and that was certainly the case here, and for a grieving families waiting for information about a loved one and suspecting the worst, i so wish that we could have gotten information to them more quickly on that night. >> you can catch our full story with the chief right now on our website, and while you're there you can find interviews with the victims's families and how they're copying with the tragedy a year later. we are looking elsewhere, that's the message from csx to landowners. a letter delivered to the landowners says the proposed railroad hub project was quote null and void. it comes after the governor first
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viable option. property owners fought that proposal saying it threatened to take away their land. and a good morning to you. switching gears right around 4:50 on this thursday morning. let's check in with your forecast walking you through hour by hour. 23 degrees at 8 a.m., 30 at 10 a.m., finally above freezing by lunchtime we should be close to 36 degrees. 38 at 2:00, our high 40 degrees and that's where we ended up yesterday. so again very cold for this time of year, back into the mid-30s as we head towards 6:00 this evening. here's a live picture outside there's just a few cars out there this morning. raleigh right now at 23 degrees and we have the clear skies to thank for that of we talk a lot this time of year if the skies can clear then we're going to be cold. now, i am expecting more clouds overnight tonight so it may not be as brutal as you're waking up tomorrow morning.
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23 in raleigh, 23 in louisburg, 20 in henderson, roxboro and south hill right now in the upper teens around pinehurst. factor in where we were yesterday and this is the comparison. so we're about two degrees colder than yesterday here in raleigh. some of you may notice that. 25 degrees colder though around south hill and then towards pinehurst. so that's a more significant drop from where we were 24 hours ago. we're going to walk through the next 48 hours because i do expect some changes tomorrow. today still a sunny day expect just cold for this time of year. so sunshine through lunchtime today, a cloud or two this afternoon, 5:00 will come and go and we'll be dry. overnight tonight those extra clouds going to roll in like i was talking about. so 6 a.m. tomorrow morning we're going to be tracking pretty cloudy conditions. then we're going to see some snow start to move in around the triangle off to our south this could fall as a wintry mix.
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quick moving and i don't think it's going to bring a lot the moisture with it. what does that mean? well, a dusting possible of snow probably around raleigh mainly accumulations east of u.s. 1 as we head towards tomorrow afternoon. isolated areas around the 95 corridor could see close to an inch of snow as we head towards tomorrow afternoon and evening. in the meantime remember today is the dry and sunny day 40 degrees in raleigh, 39 in durham, 44 in fayetteville. overnight tonight increasing clouds, cold and calm, a low right around 22 degrees. so that's for most of you close to where we were right now. as we head into friday afternoon, 37 that chance for some rain and snow. behind that system that's when the coldest air is going to rush in. so 34 our high on saturday, 30 on sunday. so from about saturday afternoon until monday morning i do think we're going to stay below freezing. this is going to be important for you to note, make sure you're checking on your pets and
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as we head into early next week we'll be at a high of 40 on monday, 48 on tuesday, lots of questions marks still with this system but we could see a wintry mix on monday. more details on that to come. right now it is 4:53 on this thursday, here's a live picture of i-40, just a few cars out there and it looks like everyone is cruising along at a pretty good speed and we're looking at our live drive conditions. it's all in green all moving close to the posted speed limits. >> thanks a lot. here is today's pet of the morning. look at this cute guy, this is bennie. he who have had playing in last month 's snow. we want to feature your furry friend, just email their picture to, make sure you include their name, how old they are, your name and where they live. we'll be right back.
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trump soaring into the state fresh off his big one in new hampshire. john kasich is hoping to turn his second place finish there into success in south carolina but he's going to face a new feud with jeb bush and marco rubio, both recognize they need a strong showing here if they want their campaigns to continue. an advisor telling me
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sir han sir han was denied parole. throughout the hearing he insisted he did not remember the shooting in 1968. he did have an unlikely ally calling for his release, paul schrade, he said he believes that he shot him but an unidentified second shooter actually shot kennedy. well fresh off his super bowl 50 win manning dropped by the tonight show. he didn't offer any insight about his future plans of retirement but
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it's the famous thousand yard scare. peyton said he was probably going over the game plan in his head. all right well, netflix is bringing beat tells types to families across the globe with a series called beat buds. it will feature five creatures living out childhood adventures. more than 50 songs will be performed by today's music artists including pink, cornell and others. it will crawl its way into homes in august. a new study done by a home audio company found when people who listen to music outloud together at home spend more time with loved warnings more time hugging and twice as many times having sex. family members spent had 67% more sex. wow, it's valentine's day, maybe
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know. all right. chocolate, and a new radio system , perhaps. . >> all right coming up democratic presidential hopefuls, hillary clinton, bernie sanders will face off once again in their second debate. we'll have a preview
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an hour. good morning, thanks for watching. so glad that you're with us. emma wright is riding around our viewing area and has a look at how the dot is preparing for any potential winter weather this weekend and this morning. let's check in with alyssa corfont. the operative word is cold. >> it certainly is cold, mike. and look at these temperatures 22 right now in raleigh, 21 in durham, now, at 17 in roxboro, that's not the only area in the
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